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Iris Biran

Iris Biran is a freelance illustrator, graduated from the University of Haifa in fine arts and literature.

She works in traditional techniques such as acrylic, drawing and collage and illustrated two self-published books. Now, she is working on illustrations for a children's story written by her.  

Iris also designs items printed with her illustrations, which can be found on her Etsy shop and at art fairs.

Solo exhibitions:  "Illustrations After Lewis Carroll", The Mediatheque library, Holon, 2011.

"Figures", The Jerusalem Center for The Performing Arts", 2006.

Group exhibitions: participated in many illustration exhibitions in Israel and abroad, like "COW Design Festival".


Iris (1)


How did you first get into illustration?

I started painting and drawing at a very early age. Luckily, my father kept many of my paintings from kindergarten and primary school. I have albums of them, arranged by ages and periods. They are like a treasure for me. I used to build a whole story around every drawing I made and even to give the characters names. I guess it was a kind of therapy for me as well.

After my art studies, I had been painting large format acrylics on canvases and wood surfaces for a few years, but had always been accompanied by the feeling that something was missing. That something was illustration. So I started to see illustration exhibitions, illustrator's portfolios and children's books. From this stage on, it didn't take long for me to start illustrating and taking part in shows. I feel that my style has become more distinctive during the last five years.



From the book: Crumbs. Colored pencils and collage



From the book: The Mad Gardener’s Song. Pencils and collage


How do you start a new project of children book illustration? What is your artistic process, creating a new illustration?

First, I read the text at least twice. Then I start to look for photographed references on the internet, to look at family photos and to take pictures myself. Then I develop a lot of sketches for each character and scene. Sometimes, it happens that I imagine a character in my mind during reading, but when I come to the blank sketchbook, I start struggling to draw and stylize this imaginative figure. Usually, I make many sketches and it takes quite a time to revise them until I'm pleased. 



Work in progress- from sketchbook into a new collage


Tell us about an interesting illustration project you were involved in.

I made a common project with my mother; she wrote her memories from childhood and her life during World War 2, and I made the illustrations. We self-published it in Hebrew (with the support of "Yad Vashem") as a book named "Crumbs". The work on the book was a point in my life where I realized, for the first time, the difficult journey my parents had made during the war. It was an emotional experience for both of us.



Crumbs, written by Ester Kaufman, illustrated by Iris Biran



From the book: Crumbs. Colored pencils and collage



The Mad Gardener’s Song, written by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Iris Biran


What do you do for marketing and/or reaching out to new clients?

I have my Facebook illustrator's page on which I share new illustrations, work process and my illustrated items.

As a member of SCBWI Israel, I take part in events and webinars which might open a window for getting acquainted with agents and art directors.



From the book: Crumbs. Colored pencils and collage


What would be your ultimate goal as an illustrator?

I hope to become more involved in the children's books market.

I am available for commissions. 


More about Iris Biran on her Website/Facebook