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Elite Avni-Sharon

Elite Avni-Sharon is a freelance illustrator in a variety of styles, with 17 years of experience in virtual and printed media around the worldIllustrates for- adult, professional and children- literaturefashion, textile, advertising and public relationsmerchandise, toys and Children products. Graduate of the Graphic Design Department at "Ascola" – School of Visual Communication.
Lives in Israel, with a demanding Macintosh, delicious husband, Pinkish girl and 3 cats.

Illustrated so far 17 children books and 20 books for young readers. Among the authors of her books: Galila Ron-Fedder, Smadar Shir, Zohar Aviv, Ora Morag, Meir Uziel, Kobi Oz, Sigal Kaplan and Gafi Amir.

Elite is the Illustrator Coordinator for SCBWI Israel.




How did you first get into illustration?

I didn't do so well at my Graphic design studies… Designed typography and clean minimalism were not exactly my style. I found myself illustrating all my projects instead of designing. Also – I loooove kitsch! Especially pink and glitter.


How do you start a new project of children book illustration?

This is the post I send my writers before we start read here.

First I make sure the author knows about my passion to pink and glitter- and chooses me- in spite of it  馃檪

Then- I make small and very rough sketches- for the whole book- to make sure we all agree about the compositions and narrative flowing and which illustration goes where, as you can see here:


At the same time, we work on the main characters design



Then, after all the corrections and changes- I draw all the B&W lines- so you can see the characters and their backgrounds.

While the author kids paint it all for fun, we work on the final changes.


Then- I bring all my virtual glitter and pinkish out- and color it all in like there is no tomorrow. This is my favorite part- but also the hardest…

My technique for the illustrations is through the computer, using Photoshop software.


Then I read all the compliment the author sends me and wait for the book and the check. Not always at that order.





What is your artistic process, creating a new illustration?

I think of the potential reader's age, sometime- gender, about how the story relates to me and my favorite things in MY history- then I make it my own.

The cats I draw- are mine.

The kids I draw- are the kids I loooved in my old childhood books.

You can see the nostalgic colors and textures and fat cute figures in my drawings.







What would be your ultimate goal as an illustrator?


I would love to work on a Pop-Up book, I would love to have a Disney movie with my characters, and merchandise!! Anything you can touch– ! Dolls, games, clothes- I love seeing my designs on actual shinny glittery plastic :)




Did you work with clients from the international market? Can you tell us about it?

I used to illustrate lots of covers for a British Chess magazine The thing is- I would put all my creative mind and efforts in this work, and would get back a dry comment like: "The upper left square in the chess game should be white," or something like that.   馃檪


What advice would you give to aspiring illustrators?

I am a huge fighter for copy rights- I think an illustrator MUST know his rights- because no one else will protect them.

I have a long post about it here, where you can find contracts, tips and simple explanations of the copyrights law.

I think an illustrator- creative and artistic as he thinks he is- MUST know how to market himself too.

One can find my advices here.

And I think an illustrator MUST progress with time. Learn new programs and techniques and try to work for the digital market-as much as he can- for this is the future. You can read about it here.




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